Donna Flor – synonymus with sensuality, artisanal quality and elegance since 2002.

Planned to serve 5 different catalogues, with 9 currencies and 8 languages, Donna Flor launch the new and robust web platform.

Alcor Brands’s team intervention has touched the planning phase of the activities, supporting the project management and coordination during the various stages: from the setting for the platform development on different devices, desktop and mobile, to the definition of navigation logics, logistic flow and integration with external services.

Donna Flor is a highly internationally oriented brand, and for this very reason we have managed and implemented some functionalities such Sales Tax system to the USA and VAT system to European countries, able to provide real-time the tax rate for the destination of the goods. In addition, we started to use the e-Target system to keep the users up to date on specific offers and prices on sale through e-mail marketing.